I visited my dad today

 I visited my dad today,
but he wouldn't speak to me.
I sat at his feet and picked at my nails, 
unsure of how to be.

I laid beside him in the grass,
we had always been the same height.
I turned my head to see his face,
surprised to see it gleaming bright in the sunlight.

I spoke to him about my day,
slowly at first and then all in a rush.
I told him about mom and my sisters,
disquieted by his steady hush.

I asked him what I should do with my life,
I begged for advice and old jokes.
I told him about recent heartbreaks and follies,
I lamented the impulses that had made me broke.

I visited my dad today, 
but he couldn't speak or move.
He hasn't yet found his voice,
in Section 1, Site 792. 


  1. Oh Marilyn. This is beautiful. I know Dad misses talking to you more than just about anything.


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