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He Is

He is. A deep voice on a quiet morning saying, “let’s go.” A scratchy beard and a quick hug. A familiar smell of motor oil and cigarettes and beer. A long afternoon on a rickety porch sitting in silence. Frog is. A loud, raucous laugh at a silly joke. A low, satisfied moan of approval at the breakfast table. An exasperated sigh during another argument. A quick solution to a long-standing problem. Skint is. A plumber, an electrician, a roofer, a bookshelf builder. A sports fanatic and television addict. A huge smile at a small accomplishment. A sympathetic shoulder that I never cried on. Muffin is. A son, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a husband, a father. A grill master, a fish fryer, a master driver. A furniture replacer, a syrup sandwich maker. A car mechanic, a Victor Frankenstein bicycle fixer. Roy is. A joke lover and rule breaker. A spider killer and cockroach exterminator. A dog lover, but cat owner. A country gentleman, but no bullshit taker. My da

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