About Marilyn Margaret

Marilyn enjoys spilling shrimp fried rice on students' homework assignments and saying she received them that way. She's taught history in the USA, science in the USA and Colombia, and English in China and Egypt. She's only thought of quitting the teaching profession and becoming a nomadic jungle dweller 14 times.

Before deciding to give her life to the pursuit of educating 14-year-old minds, she still still had one, and worked in public relations and later marketing. After realizing she hated dealing with the media, she decided to keep the writing portion of what she'd learned and ditch the frenzy of cultivating a public image for nonprofits.

She has since forgone the idea of love and romance and has resigned herself to a life of lonely spinsterhood, cat ownership, hiking, dancing, reading, and writing short stories about things that have never happened.

She spends her free time with her three older sisters, trying to learn to read music and tap dance, and eating three times the recommended daily value of gummy candy and popcorn. She one day wants to own a large farm so that her future cats can have the lives they deserve.


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