About Marilyn Margaret

Marilyn is an academic at heart and has worked in education since 2015. An herbalist since 2020, she enjoys gardening, foraging, collecting unique plant specimens, and tending to her numerous houseplants. She loves collecting books as much as she does reading them, writes short stories, and has been working on a religious fiction novel since 2008 (there is still no coherent ending in sight). An avid traveler and passionate teacher, she has taught in the United States, China, Colombia, Andorra, and Egypt, but is happy to have moved back to her home state of Alabama in early 2022. Marilyn is an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, and one of her favorite trips was trekking to Mount Everest's Base Camp in the Himalayas, but she enjoys hiking and camping in more local areas on weekends. She is a Wild Keeper Ambassador with Keep Nature Wild and a member of the Blanche Dean Chapter of the Alabama Wildflower Society.

Her other hobbies include: coin collecting, completing jigsaw puzzles, knitting too short scarves, re-learning to play the violin/composing music for violin, learning to tap dance, playing tennis badly, stretching and calling it yoga, poorly painting/sketching, cooking, and spending time with her Persian cat, Apollo. She earned her master's in Ancient Worlds (Archaeology and Classics) from the University of Edinburgh in 2023, and her bachelor's in Classical Studies from the University of Chicago in 2013. She currently teaches both Ancient and Medieval History, and Indigenous History of the Americas, at The Altamont School in Birmingham.  

Research interests: ancient Greek warfare, Greek art and architecture, magic in ancient Greece (oracles, divination, and herbal medicine), women in the ancient world, Greek and Egyptian mythology/religion, death and burial in ancient Egypt


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