Bunny, Can You Come to South Africa?

"Yes!" I exclaimed over Easter weekend when my eldest sister Sam, AKA Sesame Seed, called and asked if I could visit her in Johannesburg before she moves back to the States. I was sitting on a padded barstool in Tim's luxurious Hoboken apartment, happily watching him and Sophia meal prep for Easter dinner when I got the What'sApp call. Sophie and Tim, over a year into their relationship and over the moon about each other, barely listened as they bustled about, sneaking kisses and refreshing my cocktail like the wonderful hosts they are.

"Can Sophs come?" Ses asked next. I knew the answer would likely be "no." Sophie, a Queens, NY ADA, was up for a promotion and likely not going to have much vacation time in the foreseeable future. I asked her anyway and I quickly put Sam on speakerphone so she could explain that she would if she could, but she can't. Stephanie, who was currently deep in a search for a new job, didn't want to risk being a continent away when a job came through, and so she also declined.

Tingalayas Retreat, Negil, Jamaica (2016)
"Looks like it's just us, Ses!" I said cheerily, not too upset that all of my big sister's time and planning efforts would be spent with me and focused on what I want to see/do while in Joburg.

After a wonderful Easter with Tim's family in NYC and NJ, I returned to my apartment in Arlington and Sam and I got busy with our plans. She bought the roundtrip ticket because she's awesome like that, we discussed animal preserve days, Jo'burg  nights, and safari trips before she confirmed the 17 hour flight.

Sam has been my travel love during much of my adult life. We went to Virginia Beach and had a great B&B getaway last summer; we went to Jamaica and stayed at a beautiful retreat over New Year's; and now I get to see the incredible life she's made over the last too many to count years in Johannesburg.

May 25 - June 5 are sure to be 10 amazing days spent adventuring with my sister, seeing new sights, exploring new places, and making memories. I think that for both of us, and for all of us, we're trying to find a new life post-November 15. I always want to remember my life before the day I lost my dad and treasure it, but I also know that he'd grab me by the shoulders, shake me hard, and stare into my eyes if I allowed myself to stop my life on that date and never move forward again.

So I want to spend Easter's in New York and travel to South Africa. I want to explore and learn and grow and challenge myself. I want to see the world, grab more education, build a life, and make him happy that I'm doing It big. I want my life to be special and uncharted, full of love, laughter, adventure, faith, family, humility, education, and fun. I want to do it all.

Johannesburg with Sesame 2017 - Let's go!